Get Rewarded for doing what you love

Find and engage passionate influencers that fit your style, values, and budget to promote your products or services

Social PayMe™ helps brands and agencies maximize influencer marketing to its fullest potential, while ensuring you stay 100% compliant with influencer laws”

Our comprehensive solution handles everything from beginning to end – including everything from finding and authenticating relevant influencers, checking compliance and verifying posts, measuring performance, to issuing payment.

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Authenticate influencer identities and avoid fraudulent accounts

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Comply with current “Payola” regulations

  • "Payola” is the illegal practice of making a paid social media post or having a material relationship with a brand and not disclosing it
  • Social PayMe’s compliance engine assures that all posts are verified as “compliant” in a transparent manner on the blockchain”
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Measure influencer value and performance and get analytics on beast mode” Expand button

  • Social PayMe’s proprietary “Social Media Voice Score” (SMVS) uses AI to measure influencer value and performance based on 16 different metrics (such as engagement rate, reach, views, impressions, tone, sentiment, frequency, and more).
  • SMVS is measured in real-time and aggregate across all social media platforms and helps create anaccurate and unbiased fair market value by suggesting a cost based on their performance
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Customizable templates.

Choose your favorite template on the Dashboard. Get the best view and manage all your social media more effectively.


View your feed before posting.

Your visual planner for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. See what your feed will look like before you post anything on social media. No more switching between multiple apps.

Own the social media content you pay for.

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