Welcome Letter

Dear Influencer,

So, excited to have you onboard.  We are excited about our new app #BIO. This app will allow you to earn money as an influencer, market to your followers, manage your social media post, and measure your progress!

By signing up, you will get EARLY ACCESS to our Apple or Android App. As well as special promotion offers.

So, on behalf of the Social Payme (“SPM”) team, we want to thank you for becoming an early user of our platform, which includes our mobile application and website (“Platform”) as an initial influencer user (“User”). By being a User, you are taking the first steps to democratizing the economics of influencer marketing and enhancing the experience for fellow influencers.

As a valued member, you can expect the following exciting opportunities:
1. Provide feedback on the Platform’s functionalities, features, and user experience;
2. Add our hashtag.bio link to your social media profile, boosting your visibility and engagement, and building internationally compliant transactions.

With the app’s launch, we are thrilled to offer you a range of exclusive benefits and features as an early User, including:
1. Monetization of your follower base through exclusive content channels;
2. Access to paid brand opportunities (including one right when you sign up!);
3. Access to exclusive affiliate programs;
4. Seamless transactions and immediate payment upon completion of branded opportunity;
5. Comprehensive data and analytics to help you build your influencer kit across all of your social media platforms.

As one of our initial users, we already have a paid brand opportunity available to you: Social Payme! By signing up, we are thrilled that you can become an official brand ambassador for our platform.

We kindly request that you review this letter of intent and consider joining our community of users. We firmly believe that your partnership will bring immense value to the future of the influencer economy. Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at info@socialpayme.com or by phone at (786) 793-4884. We look forward to working with you!

Once again, so excited to have you on board. Watch out for an email or text message. In the meantime, please feel free to visit our website to get updates and learn more at www.socialpayme.com or follow us on IG: SocialPayme.

Gurtegh Singh

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