Did you know that the potential fines for non-compliant paid social media posts (Payola) are $43,792 per day per post?

What is Payola?

Payola refers to the illegal practice of concealing paid advertising by compensating influencers to make it appear as if their endorsement or review is not influenced by any financial or material connection

Launching November 2023 
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Be Compliant  

Our regulatory compliance tool ensures that your brand's social media presence is always compliant with industry regulations and guidelines 

Maintain Authenticity

With our tool, you can trust that your social media content meets legal and ethical standards while maintaining authenticity and engagement with your audience 

Pre-Emptive Compliance 

Our AI is designed to detect and identify any potential compliance violations before they post on social media and suggest corrective action so you can rest easy 

Launching November 2023 
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Analysis and Recommendations

Our AI algorithms analyze your social media activity and recommend actions that will improve compliance, engagement, and performance

Transparency and Documentation

Our tool doesn't just identify potential compliance violations, it also suggests optimized solutions and documents all compliant posts on the blockchain for transparency and archival purposes.

Valuable Insights

From optimizing content, to improving your social media strategy, our tool provides valuable insights that can help you reach your business goals 

Launching November 2023 
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Game Changer

Our AI social media compliance tool is a game-changer for businesses that want to ensure their social media presence meets legal and ethical standards while staying authentic and engaging 

With our tool, you can confidently manage your brand's social media presence, knowing that you are compliant, ethical, and effective 

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Launching November 2023 
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