do social good

What is
Social good?

Social good is the process of using social media and social-focused communities to create a positive impact on your surrounding environment. You can pay it forward through digital means by engaging in social good.

Social good is using your social tools and voice to solve a problem or enhance the lives of others. It goes beyond just raising money for a cause or agenda, but actually making a difference in the world. Through social good, we can create meaningful change that improves the lives of others.


If you could change the world, would you?

Pick your favorite charity, and 1% of all your proceeds will go to that charity (and yes, you can increase it more than 1% if you like).

Your primary charity will be displayed on your page (you also have the option to switch or raise money for other charities within our system).

We believe that making a difference starts with what we do and how we engage others in the world.

One post can change the world. And one influencer
can make that happen. Is that you?

Do Social Good