Our Founders Commitment:

At Social PayMe, we believe in ethical and organic marketing that creates value for both brands and influencers. We are a platform that connects brands with influencers who can help them reach their target audience and grow their business.

Our platform offers a variety of services and features for both brands and influencers. Brands can easily find and work with influencers who suit their niche and objectives, while influencers can manage, promote, track, and monetize their social media content. Followers can also enjoy engaging with their favorite influencers, as they can earn reward points that can be exchanged for gift cards.

We do not use any software, bot, or app to perform actions on social media platforms. All our interactions are approved by our clients and are done manually by our team of experts. We do not encourage or engage in any unethical or illegal practices, such as stealing content, spamming, or selling likes, comments, or followers. We only create authentic and relevant content that matches our users’ interests and goals.

We are transparent about our growth process and we provide our clients with the best customer service and results possible. We also educate our clients on how to improve their profile appearance, create valuable content, and build relationships with their audience. We are passionate about helping our clients succeed in influencer marketing and social media technology.