Our Journey


We started thinking  “Why don’t people get rewarded for their social media posts and engagement?” And thus, the SocialPayMe™ concept was born!


Twitter is given credit for the rise of electing the first US President who never before held office and forever changed the way politicians communicate with voters


The 10th anniversary of the birth of the hashtag, one of the most used and recognizable features of social media platforms worldwide.

In addition, one of the first popular digital assets, Cryptokitties, a blockchain-based virtual game that allows players to adopt, breed, and trade virtual cats was born.


Influencer marketing becomes mainstream as a growing industry. Instagram reaches 1 billion users and becomes an advertising powerhouse, and Google receives 61,000 queries for “influencer marketing” in one month.


The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) publishes a disclosure guide regarding “Payola” – the illegal practice of providing and accepting undisclosed payments for promoting products.

Dr. Singh completes his PhD in Social Media and Technology in just 35 months. His dissertation measures social media voice and how it shifted follower engagement for Trump’s 35,617 tweets from 2009-2019


Dr. Singh begins development of the "Social Pay Me" concept to solve the influencer monetization and Payola problems, and later incorporates digital assets in the ecosystem

Social PayMe accumulates 2000+ influencers on a waitlist, signs two prominent brands, files 3 trademarks and 9 pending patents, and forms a world-class team.


Social PayMe will launch in November 2023 as the most complete social media platform and marketplace for creators and influencers, followers, and brands.

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