Monetize Your Social Media With NFTs… and Build Generational Wealth

January 10, 2023
2 minutes

Monetize your social media with NFTs… and build generational wealth

Ravi Singh

I start today’s podcast with the headlines you should pay attention to about digital assets, NFTs, and the billions flowing into this space…

Then, Dr. Ravi Singh, internet pioneer with a PhD in social media and technology, joins me to explain what you need to know about NFTs… how you could use them to monetize your social media—and even build generational wealth for your great-grandkids… and why NFTs will be extremely valuable in the metaverse.

Plus, he shares what he learned about influence and engagement from analyzing Trump’s tweets.

I break down why Wall Street still isn’t grasping the potential of NFTs… and why they represent an opportunity like no other for life-changing returns.

Inside this episode:

  • Positive news stories in crypto/NFTs [0:30]
  • Dr. Ravi Singh explains what you need to know about NFTs [4:53]
  • Your social media could be a goldmine [11:40]
  • What happens to your content when you die? [15:27]
  • Why NFTs are valuable in the metaverse [16:58]
  • Why NFTs represent the opportunity of a lifetime [20:40]

Frank Curzio, founder and CEO of Curzio Research, is one of America’s most respected stock experts. His research is regularly featured on media outlets like CNBC’s Kudlow Report, The Call, CNN Radio, ABC News, and Fox Business News. His Wall Street Unplugged podcast—ranked the No. 1 “most listened-to” financial podcast on iTunes—has been downloaded over 12 million times.

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