Security Breach Exposes Personal Data of 113,000 Alaskan Voters

December 2020

According to the Juneau Empire, a breach of Alaska's voter registration system has resulted in the exposure of personal information belonging to 113,000 Alaskan voters. External actors were responsible for this breach, which involved the theft of sensitive data such as birthdates, license numbers, and the last four digits of Social Security numbers. Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer confirmed that the vulnerability has been addressed and emphasized that the unauthorized access was primarily aimed at spreading propaganda and undermining voter confidence.

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Privacy Concerns Arise Over Computer Monitoring in Alaskan School

October 2019

The implementation of a computer-monitoring program in an Alaskan school district has sparked privacy concerns regarding student data collection, as reported by The Associated Press. School district officials claim that the software is designed to monitor and identify potentially dangerous content, including indicators of school violence, self-harm, and cyberbullying. However, some students are raising objections, arguing that the absence of an opt-out option encroaches upon their rights. Additionally, parents have expressed worries about who has access to the system's alerts and collected data.

In a separate incident, students from a Pennsylvania school district gained unauthorized "teacher-level access" to test scores and personal information belonging to 12,000 students. Their objective was to obtain home addresses for a game, highlighting further concerns surrounding student data security and breaches in educational systems.

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