Advancing Consumer Protections and Privacy Rights: Insights from Michigan Attorney General Nessel

August 2022

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, sworn in January 2019, has been a vocal advocate for consumer protections and the right to privacy. With a background in civil rights and LGBTQ rights litigation, Nessel has played a pivotal role in expanding LGBTQ rights, including same-sex marriage. She recently testified in support of state bills to strengthen victims' privacy rights. Nessel's unwavering dedication demonstrates her commitment to safeguarding personal information and preserving individual autonomy in an interconnected world.

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Michigan Lawmakers Seek Reform in Response to Encrypted Police App Usage

February 2021

Michigan lawmakers are calling for changes to state laws or policies after it was revealed that Michigan state police officials had downloaded the encrypted Signal application on their state-issued phones, according to Government Technology. State Senator Jeremy Moss, representing Southfield, expressed the need for messages sent through the app to be subject to "retention and disclosure" at a later date. The Department of Technology, Management, and Budget spokesperson stated that it is currently unclear how many employees from different agencies are using the Signal app.

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Flint Bishop International Airport in Michigan Embraces "Smart Helmets"

September 2020

According to MLive, Flint Bishop International Airport in Michigan is set to become the first in the United States to deploy "smart helmets" for its police officers. These helmets, equipped with temperature scanning and facial recognition technology, will initially be used to identify individuals who might have a fever related to COVID-19. Nino Sapone, the Airport Director, hailed the device as a "game-changer," while Autumn Perry-MacClaren, the Airport Spokeswoman, mentioned that comprehensive policies and procedures will be established prior to the deployment of the helmets.

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