Missouri Senate Approves Bill Criminalizing Nonconsensual Pornography

May 2018

According to The Kansas City Star, the Missouri Senate has successfully passed a bill aimed at outlawing nonconsensual pornography. If the bill is further approved by the House and signed into law by the governor, Missouri will join the ranks of 38 other states that have already enacted similar legislation.

Under the proposed law, the act of threatening to distribute or disseminate a nonconsensual sexually explicit image would be classified as a felony offense. While Missouri's current invasion of privacy statute covers the act of capturing such images without proper consent, there is currently no specific law addressing the sharing or distribution of these images.

Missouri Senate passes bill to outlaw nonconsensual pornography

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Missouri Governor Faces Indictment on Invasion of Privacy Charges

October 2018)

According to NBC News, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has been indicted by a St. Louis grand jury on a felony charge of invasion of privacy. The indictment stems from allegations that Greitens took an intimate photograph of a woman he was engaged in an extramarital affair with in 2015. The case was initiated by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner.

In response to the charges, Governor Greitens has denied committing any criminal act, asserting that he made a personal mistake prior to assuming office. He has also maintained that the relationship with the woman involved was consensual. However, the indictment specifies that the compromising photo was transmitted in a manner that allowed access to the image through a computer.

Missouri governor indicted on privacy invasion charges

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