New Hampshire

New Hampshire Considers Enacting Privacy Legislation Similar to California

February 2020

New Hampshire is currently contemplating the implementation of a privacy law akin to California's regulations. The proposed legislation aims to enhance consumer data protection and privacy rights in the state. It seeks to establish stricter guidelines for businesses regarding the collection, use, and sale of personal information. If passed, the law would require businesses to provide individuals with more control over their data and give them the right to opt out of having their information sold to third parties. Advocates argue that such a law would empower consumers and address the growing concerns surrounding data privacy in today's digital age.

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Senate Rejects Biometric Information Protection Bill in New Hampshire

January 2020

The New Hampshire Senate has recently voted against a proposed bill aimed at safeguarding biometric information. The bill, which aimed to establish comprehensive protection measures for individuals' biometric data, failed to gain sufficient support. Proponents of the legislation argued that it was crucial to enact safeguards to protect sensitive biometric information from potential misuse and unauthorized access. However, opponents raised concerns over potential regulatory burdens on businesses and the need for further examination of the bill's implications. The rejection of the bill highlights the ongoing debate surrounding the balance between privacy protection and business interests in the digital age.

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