New Jersey

New Jersey Governor Pledges to Secure Contact Tracing Data

June 2020

The Governor of New Jersey has made a commitment to ensure the security of contact tracing data collected during the COVID-19 pandemic. With contact tracing playing a crucial role in tracking and containing the virus, the governor emphasized the importance of safeguarding individuals' private information. Stringent measures will be implemented to protect the confidentiality and privacy of contact tracing data, preventing unauthorized access or misuse. The governor's promise aims to instill public trust and confidence in the contact tracing efforts while assuring citizens that their personal data will be handled responsibly. This commitment reflects the government's dedication to both public health and privacy protection.

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New Jersey Legislators Push for a Data Privacy Bill

February 2020

Lawmakers in New Jersey are actively advocating for a data privacy bill that aims to enhance consumer protection in the digital age. The proposed legislation seeks to establish comprehensive guidelines for businesses regarding the collection, storage, and sharing of personal data. If passed, the bill would grant individuals more control over their information and require companies to be transparent about their data practices. It also aims to introduce stricter security measures to safeguard sensitive data from breaches and unauthorized access. Supporters argue that such a bill is necessary to address growing concerns over data privacy and empower individuals in the digital realm.

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