New Mexico

Google and New Mexico Settle Lawsuit Concerning Children's Privacy Violations

August 2021

Google and the state of New Mexico have reached a settlement regarding a case involving children's privacy. The agreement comes after allegations that Google had violated children's privacy laws by collecting personal information from students using its educational tools. As part of the settlement, Google has agreed to enhance its privacy practices and provide better transparency to parents and students regarding data collection. Additionally, the company will conduct regular privacy assessments and provide educational resources to schools and parents on protecting children's privacy online. The settlement serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting children's personal information in the digital landscape.

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New Mexico Lawsuit Over Data Privacy Settled with Google

February 2020

A lawsuit filed by New Mexico concerning data privacy violations has been settled with Google. The case alleged that Google had unlawfully collected personal data, raising concerns about user privacy. As part of the settlement, Google has agreed to implement stronger privacy measures, provide clearer transparency regarding data collection practices, and conduct regular privacy assessments. The resolution aims to protect individuals' privacy rights and emphasizes the need for responsible data handling. This settlement serves as a reminder of the ongoing importance of safeguarding data privacy and holding companies accountable for their practices in the digital age.

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New Mexico Governor Enacts Data Breach Notification Law

April 2017

The Governor of New Mexico has signed into law a data breach notification bill aimed at enhancing consumer protection. The legislation requires businesses to promptly notify individuals in the event of a data breach that compromises their personal information. The law also establishes clear guidelines for businesses on reporting the breach to the state attorney general's office. The enactment of this law reflects the state's commitment to strengthening data security and ensuring that individuals are informed about potential risks to their personal data. It emphasizes the importance of transparency and timely communication in addressing data breaches and protecting consumer interests.

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