North Dakota

North Dakota Appoints Second Chief Data Officer to Drive Innovation

October 2021

North Dakota has hired its second-ever Chief Data Officer (CDO) in a move to foster innovation and data-driven decision-making. This strategic appointment demonstrates the state's commitment to leveraging data as a valuable asset. The CDO will be responsible for overseeing data governance, privacy, and analytics initiatives, working collaboratively with agencies to enhance data management practices. By harnessing data effectively, North Dakota aims to drive efficiency, optimize public services, and make informed policy decisions for the benefit of its residents.

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ND House Committee Votes Against Proposed Opt-in Law

March 2021

A proposed opt-in law, which would have required explicit consent from individuals before their personal information could be shared or sold, has been voted down by the North Dakota House Committee. The law aimed to enhance consumer privacy and give individuals more control over their data. However, the committee's decision reflects differing perspectives on the balance between privacy rights and business interests. With the opt-in law being rejected, the current opt-out framework for data sharing and sale will remain in place in North Dakota.

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North Dakota Enacts Groundbreaking Privacy Policy Safeguarding Higher Ed Student Data

June 2020

North Dakota has recently approved a groundbreaking privacy policy aimed at safeguarding the personal information of students in higher education. This landmark legislation serves as a significant step towards protecting student data from unauthorized access or misuse. The policy sets clear guidelines and regulations for educational institutions, ensuring the responsible handling and secure storage of sensitive student information. By prioritizing privacy, North Dakota reinforces its commitment to upholding data protection standards, fostering a safe and trusted environment for students pursuing higher education in the state.

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Court Orders Suspension of Online Document Access Citing Privacy Concerns

January 2020

In response to mounting privacy concerns, a court has recently ruled to halt online access to sensitive documents. The decision comes after growing concerns over the exposure of personal information through online platforms. The court recognized the need to safeguard the privacy of individuals and protect sensitive data from potential misuse. As a result, the online accessibility of documents has been temporarily suspended until comprehensive security measures are put in place. The ruling aims to strike a balance between transparency and privacy, ensuring that individuals' personal information remains secure while still allowing for appropriate public access to pertinent documents.

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