Pennsylvania Legislators Raise Privacy Concerns Over Release of Contact-Tracing App

September 2020

According to a report from FOX43, lawmakers in Pennsylvania have voiced apprehensions regarding a contact-tracing app set to be launched by the Department of Health later this month. Members of the Senate Communications and Technology Committee expressed concerns during a hearing, highlighting worries from their constituents about potential location tracking. In response, Deputy Secretary for Health Innovation, Meghna Patel, assured that the app would be both "anonymous and voluntary." She further stated that it would undergo rigorous third-party evaluations to ensure security and privacy before its release.

Pa. to release contact-tracing app, lawmakers state privacy concerns

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Considers Prohibition on Facial Recognition Technology

August 2020

According to a report from StateScoop, the City Council of Pittsburgh is deliberating over proposed legislation that aims to ban the use of facial recognition software and predictive policing technology by the police. The bill, if passed, would necessitate obtaining approval from the City Council for the Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety before acquiring or utilizing these technologies. Additionally, officials would be obligated to disclose the identities of employees authorized to employ such technologies and clarify the intended purposes. It is worth noting that the city's police agency currently does not employ either of these technologies.

Pa. city considers ban on facial recognition technology

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In an Exclusive Interview with Pennsylvania Attorney General, Josh Shapiro

May 2018

In an Exclusive Interview with Pennsylvania Attorney General, Josh Shapiro

Sworn in as Pennsylvania's attorney general in January 2017, Josh Shapiro brings a wealth of experience to his role. Prior to assuming office, he served as a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from 2005 to 2012, followed by his tenure as a member and chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners. Protecting small businesses and consumers from scams and fraud, including the consequences of data privacy and security violations, ranks high among Shapiro's top priorities as attorney general.

Despite his relatively short tenure as attorney general, Shapiro has already showcased his dedication to these issues. He has spearheaded investigations into prominent data breaches, underscoring his commitment to combating such incidents. In an exclusive interview with IAPP, Shapiro sheds light on his efforts to reform data privacy and cybersecurity policies while ensuring consumer protection remains a paramount concern.

Interview with Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Affirms Employers' Legal Responsibility to Safeguard Employee Data

December 2018

As per a blog post by Stradley Ronon, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has recently ruled that employers bear a legal duty to protect the electronically stored personal information of their employees. The court's decision emphasizes that failure to fulfill this obligation could render employers liable for damages. The case in question, Dittman v. UPMC, involved allegations that UPMC, the employer, exposed sensitive employee data by neglecting to implement proper safeguards and reasonable protection measures.

While the ruling sends a clear message regarding employers' responsibilities to safeguard employee data, the report notes that the extent of this duty remains somewhat ambiguous. However, it underscores that the state recognizes the obligation of employers to protect their employees' information. Plaintiffs in the case specifically alleged that UPMC failed to encrypt data, establish firewalls, or implement adequate authentication protocols, leading to the breach of sensitive data.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court: Employers have legal duty to protect employee data

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